Make Easy Money Online: Become a Commercial Real Estate Property Scout

There are lots of ways to make easy money online. I am sure you have seen many of them in your email inbox.

One opportunity you may not be aware of is becoming a Commercial Real Estate Property Scout.

What’s a Commercial Real Estate Property Scout?

It’s a person who finds property for investors which meet a specific acquisition criteria.

Here’s the deal: This opportunity has nothing to do with sales, data entry, or any of those other possible questionable online business opportunities you may be aware of.

A Property Scout uses the Internet to search real estate listing databases for properties which meet the investors criteria. There are literally hundreds of these databases, many of which are free to use.

Advantages of the Opportunity

There are many things which make this opportunity attractive.

First, the price to get involved is very modest. It’s under $100 dollars.

Second, the money is really good. Frankly, there’s no comparison between what you can earn doing this and all the rest of the opportunities combined. It truly is one of the ways to make easy money online.

You can really earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Third, the support the company offers is incredible. While they won’t handhold or baby sit you, they will provide the weekly training, personal direction and weekly Q&A so that you can be successful–that’s more than any of the other opportunities do.

The fourth thing, is that you really can do this from home. There’s no travel involved. Plus it really only requires about twenty hours a week of work on a consistent basis.

The best part for me is that the company, Maverick Real Estate Investments, isn’t one of those schlocky companies promoting the next business opportunity. It’s real. And they sincerely want to see you successful because the big money for everybody involved is made when you find a promising property.

They’re committed to training you to be successful at it.

Maverick Real Estate Investments is in the commercial real estate business. That’s their purpose. And they’ve set up this business opportunity, so that they can attract people to help them find properties which fit their profile for acquisition.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

Disadvantages of the Opportunity

Are there bad points? Yes, a small one. But you really can’t blame the company for it, it’s just the nature of the commercial real estate industry.

If you need to make money right away, this is not the opportunity for you. Patience is key. While you can realistically make six figures and up a year, the fact is it takes time to find a property the investors want to acquire. It has to fit their profile (which they’ll thoroughly train you in).

And even when you find a property that meets their profile, they need the time to do whatever it takes to turn the property around which could take as long as 18 months to do.

But still, you have to admit it’s really good money. And let’s face it, you were to go into business for yourself, it would take that long AT LEAST to turn a modest profit–and nowhere near the money you’d earn as a Property Scout.

Now, they do offer an interesting way for you to get paid faster. But I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you really needed the money. You can get paid $15,000 when they buy the property and $15,000 again when they sell the property. It’s good money, but they prefer you to be partner with them and pay you when they sell the property and there are profits to be dispersed. It eases their cashflow.


In nutshell, this opportunity is legit. It’s lucrative. People ARE making money–and a lot. And it’s a profession which you can easily do from home using the Internet. Although it’s not perfect, it’s one of the few easy ways to make money online which is realistic and easily doable.

Invest Money In Commercial Property for Best Returns

Investing money in commercial property is nowadays catching up. Those people who are already invested in residential property are now looking at this kind of opportunity. It is happening quite frequently in the case of the people who made good money in the residential property. They would like to explore the opportunity of investing in this kind of properties also. The advantage of investing in business properties you need to spend less time over the maintenance of the property. Even you can lend it out for someone to take care of the development and finally can make good money over the long-term. You are having the great advantage of finding someone who can take the property for a lease for a long time. Once if they are committed to pay the rent as per your expectations with regular rise on each year, it is definitely going to give you even good returns in terms of rent. If the person who has taken the lease is an organized a person, it is going to stay there in the property for the long-term and you need not such for a tenant each year.

The good advantage of business properties you need to invest high amount of money only once and that’s it. You need not invest money regularly for updating it and renovating it. In many cases that is being taken care by the company who has taken it for commercial lease. Does maintenance cost over the long-term is going to be much less in a business property when compared with the residential property.

You can find a tenant who can give you the property back in the same condition that you have given to him after a certain period of end of the lease. Does the tenant is even going to pay the maintenance cost after vacating the property. This is going to save you a lot of money and hence if you are having a chance to invest you can invest money in commercial property. The other advantage of commercial properties it is bit easy to predict the success of a commercial property. As you are already being in a heart area you need not wait for the time so that it will develop. Finding a tenant and getting a proper rent of the expected level is quite easy in the case of commercial property when compared with the region shall property.

Because of the change in the policies of the lenders and bankers now a days it becomes bit easy to get the money for investing in commercial properties. You can find a suitable mortgage even if you are a small level invest your to invest in commercial properties. The main reason because of which we are not entered into the commercial properties we don’t understand the advantages and disadvantages of investing in that kind of property. Being we are very much well aware of the home that we are staying, we are just more comfortable investing in flats and homes. We feel like this is a kind of investment even though the basic aim is not investing in property. If investment is the only reason because of which we are buying something it is always better to buy a commercial property rather than a recession flat. It is just because the value of the house may decrease over the time but the Valley of the commercial property will definitely rise with respect to time.

We shall not fall into a rotation that commercial property means we shall buy a very big one and you need to invest a lot of money. Even we can buy a small commercial property in a small value. We can just by even a small place for a retail shop or a coffee shop. These kind of small ventures are definitely very much affordable even for the middle class people.

How to Finance Commercial Property With No Money Down

You’re on a mission to purchase a commercial property – with little or no money down. Impossible? Not necessarily. With some creative thinking and careful property selection, you might be well on your way to owning a commercial property.

Commercial property, also known as an investment or income property, is property that generates a profit from capital gain or rental income. The property can be a warehouse or an office building, undeveloped land, a rental residential home or an apartment building.

There are financing options that may be able to help you purchase your commercial property with little or no down payment. Let’s look at some of them.

Bank – The Traditional Route

The bank may consider financing your enterprise up to a certain percentage of the total amount. For example, the bank may agree to finance 90% of the total amount. You can propose a second loan to make up the difference. If you have a decent credit rating and the willingness to pay a higher interest rate, this scenario might work for you. However, you still pay monthly installments – on both loans and as personal loans typically charge higher interest rates, this could be a costly way of financing your commercial investment.

A second bank-related option is a “Note” – an agreement to pay back a loan. This form of loan specifies the amount to be paid back, the interval and amount of each payment, the date by which the loan must be completely paid off, and the interest rate. This financing can be used to make a down payment on the property.

Owners, Partners, Investors, Notes

A motivated seller may be willing to finance the purchase. If this is the case, you may successfully avoid some of the usual financing hurdles such as: loan applications, banks, and closing costs. You may be able to negotiate a favorable interest rate with the seller, there also may be little or no waiting and best of all – you are not putting your money up front.

Consider investing with a partner or partners. This process may involve a bank and closing costs, more paperwork, and less profit to you. A partnership plan must benefit you and be of interest to others with money to invest. Your partner(s) will be looking at whether this opportunity provides a good investment deal, tax breaks, prestige, and profits. Who might some of your potential partners be? Look to your network of professional contacts: your accountant or doctor, club members, co-workers, and friends.

There also are investors looking for opportunities to finance deals. In this case, you will be paying them for the use of their money. Investors will be attracted to your commercial project if it potentially offers security, liquidity, and a good return on investment. You may need to take a marketing/advertising campaign approach for attracting investors. Consider advertising in newspapers, brochures, through investment clubs, and by networking with everyone you meet. Create a web site for the project and search the web for potential investor groups.

Turn-Key Properties

The turn-key investment enables you to buy a rental property that is managed by a turn-key provider. (The turn-key seller may agree to as little as 5% down for investors.)This is sometimes called a passive income in that you own the property and the turn-key group manages it.

Master Lease Agreement

The master lease is an old form of creative financing and is sometimes described as a “lease with an option to buy”. The Master Lease Agreement enables you to buy the seller’s property (with little or no down payment). You essentially “purchase” the rights and privileges of owning, operating, and maintaining the property but the legal title doesn’t change hands. When you close the deal, you receive equitable title, not legal title. You also get the cash flow (above the master lease payment), the tax benefits, and all future equity.